The Sherpa people of Nepal serve as guides in the Himalayas, clearing the way for groups of adventurers in the journey upward to a major summit.  Sherpas have a well-worn method for getting to the top of the mountain, with all climber safely achieving the goal and making their way back to base camp. 

sherpa sustainability institute

Our name is derived from two sources: mountain adventures and international political summits.

Their primary role is that of a guide; while they do help transport supplies, they do not actually carry the climbers up the mountain.  The preparation for the climb, and every step of the ascent belongs to the climber. 

Likewise, your journey toward an ideal state of Sustainability does not belong to the Institute – it is yours and your organization’s.  We provide a method for making the journey successful and collaborative for the group. 

In international political summits, the name “Sherpa” refers to the representative of a head of state or government, who prepares for an international summit and attends multiple conferences where possible agreements are laid out ahead of time. This reduces the amount of time and resources required at the negotiations of the heads of state at the final summit. This type of Sherpa contributes to the well-being and sustainability of society.

Similarly, the Institute prepares you and your organization for successfully engaging with others to achieve the goal of Social Responsibility performance improvement.  We do not do this for you – it is your journey.  Our role is to reduce the amount of time and the potential wasting resources, by providing proven methods to achieve your goal.  The journey is still yours and your organization’s. 

Bottom line, we are much like both types of Sherpas.  We measure our success by your success, your organization’s success, and our overall contribution to society.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the attainment of Sustainability is remarkably similar to the attainment of Quality.  Both are ideals.  Both goals are constantly being challenged by customers and stakeholders.  And both require rigorous scientific methodologies for achievement.

Our History

Since 2005 we have been busy delivering the message of using Quality tools and principles toward the achievement of Sustainability and Social Responsibility.  Our deep roots in Quality and Continual Improvement deploy methods proven to yield legitimate, enduring performance improvement of Sustainability and Social Responsibility