This 6-week online course provides a high-level understanding of the Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility methodology (CISR - sounds like scissor) and SOFAIR Method, and the roles that support successful, strategy-focused projects.  By understanding where Practitioner Candidates are in the process (and where they will be), CISR Advocates are critical to success.  This course is a great introduction to CISR and SOFAIR.

  Learn about CISR®,

a breakthrough

Sustainability & Social Responsibility improvement methodology,

being practiced in companies and communities around the world,

Learning Topics

Week 1

  • Vocabulary, 1,500 Year Thinking, Sustainability versus Social Responsibility, Organizational Roles

Week 2

  • CISR® Culture and Business Integration, sustainability as business strategy, integrating sustainability in the organization, organizational culture change


Week 3

  • The SOFAIR  performance improvement method, "S" Phase purpose and tools, "O" Phase purpose and tools, project charter


Week 4

  • "F" Phase purpose and tools, "A" Phase purpose and tools, focused goal statement, project team member's role


Week 5

  • "I" Phase purpose and tools, "R" Phase purpose and tools, sustainability reporting, the communicator's role

Week 6

  • Becoming a CISR® Advocate & applying principles, deploying CISR® in an organization, project examples, responsibilities of an Advocate

Resources are provided weekly, addressing the specific roles of Program Champions, Project Sponsors, Key Team Members, and those wanting an introduction to Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility (CISR) and the SOFAIR performance improvement method

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continual improvement for social responsibility to build sustainable organizations and communities.