Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility

CISR® (sounds like scissor) is a rigorous methodology for improving social responsibility performance, introduced in the textbook “A Six Sigma Approach to Sustainability”.

Just as DMAIC is a project-based improvement method within Six Sigma, one method in CISR is SOFAIR. 

SOFAIR uses the following phases in a project-based performance improvement method:

  • Stakeholders & Subjects

  • Objectives

  • Function & Focus

  • Analyze

  • Innovate & Improve

  • Report & Repeat

What is CISR®?  Watch this 2 minute video and find out!

What is CISR®?

Certified Practitioners say it is…

“…a method to improve the performance of an organization that focuses not only on financial results, but equally incorporates social and environmental impacts.”

“…the missing link in my sustainability toolkit. In the past, I've focused heavily on the economic and environmental aspects of sustainability but lacked a practically applicable tool to apply to the social portion.”

“…an approach for organizations to increase their benefit to society through the use of improvement and innovation methodologies that also benefit the organizations themselves.” 

What is the Difference?  Watch this 2 minute video and find out!

What experts are saying about the textbook “A Six Sigma Approach to Sustainability: Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility”

"…an excellent resource for companies that are trying to effectively contribute positively to their communities. Its emphasis on existing, proven tools applied to problems of social responsibility offers a strong template for success. The authors provide numerous examples and real-world studies to show how the ideas can implemented in practice."

— Derek Kane - DEKA Research and Development

"In this complex world, it is refreshing to know that there is a coherent and instructive guide available to achieve long term success that can be used by any organization. Everything that the organization, its members, and its external stakeholders need to ensure sustainable success can be found between the covers…

―Robert B. Pojasek, PhD -  Harvard University

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