Facilitator Candidates learn the fundamentals of the CISR Methodology through the completion of a SOFAIR project, resulting in a professional certification.  Certified CISR Facilitators are capable of leading SOFAIR projects on-par with Six Sigma Green Belt Projects.

4.0 CEU’S—$1650 

Learning Topics

  Learn how to facilitate CISR®,

the breakthrough

Sustainability & Social Responsibility improvement methodology,

being practiced in companies and communities around the world,

Following the SOFAIR Method


Week 1

Orientation:  1500 Year Thinking, Project Charter.  Connect with Project Sponsor.


Weeks 2 & 3

Stakeholders & Subjects Phase: Overview of ISO 26000 7 Subjects of Social Responsibility. Coaches Assigned Materiality Intro. Team Formation. Stakeholder Mapping

Objectives Phase​: Link project to the business objectives of the organization.  Project Narrative completed.


Week 4

Function & Focus Phase:  We want maximum impact, with the minimum resources for our SOFAIR project. Focused Goal Statement – Project Charter complete. Process Flow & Map


SYNTHESIS WEEK – Project Charter Approval


Week 5

Analyze Phase:  Fundamental risk analysis and causal analysis


Week 6 & 7

Innovate & Improve: Introductory TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving – sounds like trees) and 7-Ways. Solution selection and implementation planning. 


Week 8

Report & Repeat Phase:  ​Fundamentals of reporting. Identify the next improvement opportunity at the conclusion to every project.