Meet Our Coaches

As a professional certification, CISR® Practitioner training requires demonstration of practical application.  Our coaches are integral to the learning and development of our certified practitioners.  They help learning practitioners every step of the way.

Cheryl Adas, Certified CISR® Practitioner

Lean Master Black Belt, CPLP

Xerox Corporation (ret.)

Cheryl is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Certified Professional in Learning and Performance.  As a sustainability advocate, facilitator, and coach, Cheryl works to enhance employee engagement and organizational effectiveness through a combination of Lean Six Sigma, and Teal organization principles of evolutionary purpose, wholeness, and self-directed teams.

Cheryl Adas discusses her pro bono SOFAIR project leadership with the YWCA of Rochester NY

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Tina Agustiady, Certified CISR® Expert

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Partner, Director of Continuous Improvement - InnovaNet

Tina is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and Technical Vice President of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE).  She is also an SME, Professor and Course Designer for professional certification programs, undergraduate and graduate degrees at Villanova University and Bisk Education.  Agustiady has co-authored/authored many books and articles, including "Design for Six Sigma: A Practical Approach through Innovation", for which she is the 2018 ASQ Crosby Medal winner.  She received her BS in Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Ohio University.

Parisa Ellisor, PhD, Certified CISR® Expert

Certified Environmental Auditor and Safety Manager

PAK Global Environmental Consulting

Parisa has 25+ years of environmental, health and safety management and compliance experience in the energy, chemical and semiconductor industries.  She is a Registered Professional Engineer, Certified Safety Professional, Registered Environmental Manager and Black Belt in Operational Excellence. She is married to Tim and together are proud parents of Bradley and Britney Ellisor. She holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, an M.S. in Environmental Sciences and a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration.

Parisa Ellisor discusses her experiences as a Certified CISR® Practitioner and Coach

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G Sam Foster, PhD, Certified CISR® Practitioner

BOD President, Mountain Studies Institute

US Forest Service, ret.

Dr. G. Sam Foster is serving as the President of the Board of Directors for the Mountain Studies Institute and is also the retired Director of the Rocky Mountain Research Station, US Forest Service. Dr. Foster's career spans 40 years which saw him serve as a scientist in three private forestry companies ending in the position of Vice President for International Forest Seed Company.  He enjoyed researching and authoring 75 research publications and worked in 20 foreign countries.

G Sam Foster discusses his project with the Mountain Studies Institute

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Andrea Hoffmeier

Six Sigma Black Belt, TRIZ Practitioner

SHERPA Sustainability Institute

Co-author of "A Six Sigma Approach to Sustainability: Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility" and

co-creator of the CISR Methodology 

Andrea is a Six Sigma Black Belt with over 25 years' experience in marketing, product development, quality management, and organizational excellence.  Andrea is completing her Master's Degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Harvard

Matt was trained to coach by thought leaders in engineering, philosophy and management.  He has deep expertise in project-based production system design. His message is about attitude and the responsibility we have for one another. He was academically trained in Quality and Reliability, a sub discipline of Industrial Engineering and holds numerous professional licenses, degrees, and certificates.

Matt Horvat, Certified CISR® Practitioner

Expansion/Process Improvement Program Manager

The Vancouver Clinic

Matt Horvat discusses his pro bono SOFAIR project leadership experience through Lean Portland.

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Barb Hughson EdD  CISR® Certified Expert, Coach & Instructor

CEO, DurangoLearns

Dr. Barb is an educator with 20 years of experience working in educational institutions, agencies, and corporations. She has been instructing in online classrooms for nearly two decades, in the subjects of psychology, sociology and communication. Her strong background provides a safe and effective environment for change.  As a CISR Certified Expert, Coach and Instructor, she is dedicated to helping organizations develop a culture of continual improvement for social responsibility.

Brion Hurley, Certified CISR® Practitioner

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Business Performance Improvement (BPi)

Brion Hurley is a process improvement consultant (Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt) at Rockwell Collins in Wilsonville, Oregon (near Portland). He holds numerous sustainability certifications, and has been driving sustainability efforts at both the corporate and regional level by applying process improvement techniques to reduce electricity and solid waste.

Brion Hurley discusses his pro bono SOFAIR project leadership experience with Recycling Advocates of Portland.

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Billy Ingram, Certified CISR® Expert

Director, Lean Product Development

Interface Carpet

Billy Ingram is a learner, innovator and inventor in sustainability re-engineering and new business model creation. He strives to build more sustainable business models through the practical application of innovation frameworks, improvement methodologies and socially responsible engagement practices.

Billy Ingram discusses his SOFAIR project leadership experience at sustainability leader, Interface.

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Ginger Rockey-Johnson, Certified CISR® Expert

Six Sigma Black Belt, Marketing & Business Development

SHERPA Sustainability Institute 

Author of "Remarkability - Standing Out 

Ginger Rockey-Johnson, author, speaker, radio show host, & advocate.  Ginger stands up for the underdog of society and believes that people are the most precious resource we have. She is a seasoned Six Sigma Black Belt, focused on innovated methods & tool development, execution of processes, and marketing to make companies successful.  Author of Remarkability Standing Out

Valerie Markbreiter, Certified CISR® Expert

Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Principle – vmXcel Consulting

Valerie is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt with nearly three decades of global experience in Program Management, Business Transformation, and Change Management. She spent the past 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, where she helped improve processes, to bring better, faster and cheaper drugs to market and benefit patients.


Valerie earned her Master’s Degree in Techniques of Economic and Social Forecasting from CNAM (Centre National des Arts et Métiers - Paris, France).

Aura Stewart, Certified CISR® Expert
Certified Quality and Food Safety AuditorPresident at Nutripromise

Aura is a social entrepreneur and an international Quality consultant. She holds several ASQ professional certifications and is a technical expert for its Ask the Experts program. Aura is a creative problem solver and a teamwork evangelist. Aura is currently the President of Nutripromise, a child nutrition company that sources and produces under environmental, social, and sustainability criteria.

Meet Our Collaborators

Sherpa Sustainability Institute is focused on education, research, and collaboration on the topics of social responsibility and sustainability.  Our collaborators are devoted to helping us pursue these endeavors. 

Greg Allen, PhD


Ascendent Leadership

Greg is a scientist and researcher who works to enable leaders to create businesses that are financially successful and socially responsible.  Experience in private and public organizations including Lockheed and USEPA.   His personal mission is to enable leaders to find greatness in their legacy to their organizations and the planet.

Richard Henrick

Certified Quality Engineer & Auditor

Sanmina Corporation

In addition to six ASQ certifications, Rich is an SME Certified Green Manufacturing Specialist.  Rich is an advocate for sustainable and innovative human/machine manufacturing methods. He has chaired the Final Assembly Technology Working Group for the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI) 2015 and 2017 Technology Roadmaps.

Bob Kollm

Six Sigma Black Belt

Bob is tenacious and methodical about integrating sustainable practices and principles into the DNA of organizations. Bob understands the importance of people, has an ability to empathize with stakeholders and provide leadership that inspires. With a passion for sustainability and an adeptness for utilizing Quality tools to achieve breakthrough results Bob is industry and business unit agnostic, able to enter any situation and deliver value. 

Oscar Rodriguez-Gonzalez, PhD

Certified Food Scientist, Professional Agrologist, Certified Quality Engineer

Oscar is a professional and entrepreneur who administers Rodriguez-Gonzalez Services Corp, where he leads projects in four areas: Innovation, Education, Advising and Auditing. He is a Professional Agrologist, Certified Food Scientist, Certified Quality Engineer, and Certified Sustainability Professional.