Research Reports

The Institute has been involved in research on the topics of sustainability, social responsibility, and connections of SR to the Quality profession. Please take advantage of the research available here by downloading these reports.

March 2018 - Featured Publication

Carbon Cost of In-person Professional Conferences

How Can YOU Save 2 Tonnes of Carbon?  

Virtual Conferences, Training and Meetings!


In order to stay current within their field, many professionals regularly attend conferences and training events in distant locales. Travel to these conferences costs professionals, and their sponsor organizations, both time and money...

Transportation is a major contributor of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, a key suspect in the argument for the negative impact of global climate change. This paper examines the potential effects of travel to these conferences on the environment and promotes online conferences as a comparable alternative to face-to-face events. A successful online conference is used to demonstrate the magnitude of the environmental and economical benefits of online conferences.

…online conferencing technologies have evolved such that they now offer another option for professional development that is effective, economical and environmentally friendly.

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