What does it mean to be SFC Exemplary? 

We joined Susan Inglis September 21, 2017, to explore this topic!

SHERPA Sustainability Institute provides learning programs to support SFC Members seeking Exemplary Recognition.  Susan Inglis has explained that Exemplary Status provides the opportunity for Continual Improvement – there is always the next level, and improvements possible within the highest level.

Sound overwhelming? Our methodology of Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility (CISR – sounds like scissor), is designed to tackle the complex issues of Sustainability one project at a time.

Whether working through the criteria for the first time, or seeking to achieve the next level of Silver, Gold, or Platinum level, the Institute is an approved SFC Education Provider, focused on the success of Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Retailers. This is not theory, and this is not generic learning.  You’ll apply what you learn every week, in the project-based course.  And there is an SFC-Focus in every phase, so you know that what you’re learning applies directly to your business. We provide Furnishings-Focused Tools, Templates and Tutorials throughout our CISR Certified Practitioner Program.

In the webinar with Susan Inglis, we describe how the CISR Certified Practitioner Program supports companies in meeting the requirements for SFC Exemplary Recognition, and can also be used to maintain the GREEN AP credential.  CISR is a proven methodology for tackling the complex, multidimensional challenges faced when pursuing social responsibility and sustainability opportunities, being used in organizations across the globe.

Presented by Andrea Hoffmeier, co-Founder, Sherpa Sustainability Institute

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What is the Difference?  Watch this 2 minute video and find out!
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You don’t have to be a Six Sigma Professional to learn our methodology! 

But here’s an interview for ASQ, that describes the SOFAIR Method…

What is CISR®?  Watch this 2 minute video and find out!